Deep Blue Water Sports
Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
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Take your loved ones for a ride of fun around this beautiful crystal water lagoon
  1. K I T E B O A R D
    K I T E B O A R D
    We do have kite boarding available for licence holders only, but if you are planing to learn kite boarding at our location, please do contact us in advance to see the available options
  2. W A K E B O A R D
    W A K E B O A R D
    Our instructors are ready for the challenge. If you are a beginner or an experienced person, we are here for you!
  3. W I N D S U R F
    W I N D S U R F
    Try this and see how your balance is. Its easier than kite boarding.
  4. C A T A M A R A N
    C A T A M A R A N
    Or why don't you take your loved ones for a sailing trip on this beautiful crystal clear lagoon!
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